grey icelandic sheepskin triple hide shorn

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Product Code: ICERC10070

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col: grey

aprox dimensions: 150x110cm

Made in Australia By Eluxury Home

Add luxurious and contemporary textures to a bedroom or living room floors with our designer Icelandic sheepskin area rugs, Designed and Made in Australia in our Sydney Studio.


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col:  GREY

Aprox Dimensions: 110x160cm

Add luxurious natural textures to your interior floor with the warmth and charm of a genuine Icelandic sheepskin Floor rug. At Eluxury Home we carefully and ethically source our icelandic  hides from the glaciers of Iceland to deliver premium and the finest of quality sheepskins for interior floor styling. We are globally known for our Icelandics to have irresistibly dense and thick woollen furs with lustrous coats making these fur hides a beautiful texture to add to a  bedroom or living room decor. Submerge into luxury of this stunning natural fibre as your feet experiance the depth and divine softness of this shaggy woollen fur. Our pelts are of the highest quality and tanning process only delivering the best in Icelandic sheepskin tanned under strict European Union Laws and Regulations. The short wool fleece is up to 5cm in length and  fashined dyed in a contemporary grey colour.

This floor rug is personally hand crafted in Australia for your home from three individual sheepskins making each floor rug unique and special as no two rugs will never be alike. The natural curves of each individual sheepskin will determine and create the outer curves formed in each individual floor rug. This rug is not a straight edge design and dimensions are taken from the furthest points but may vary depending upon each sheepskin. The triple hide rug design comes unlined with exposure  of the soft nappa reverse.

* premium quality Icelandic sheepskin

* Fashion golden caramel with blonde streaks

* Fleece length: up to 5cm / 2 inches

* Triple hide Floor rug

* Natural by-product

* Strict EU tanning laws

ELuxury home strives to delivery luxurious and exotic Icelandics designed for superior styling and indulging comfort for the entire family to enjoy as these woollen fleeces are cozy, opulent and sophisticated in style.  It needs to be celebrated that no hides are ever alike and each one will be unique in shape, size, colour and markings.

At Eluxury Home we are happy to email you photos of our current hides for your selection as each hide is different.

Any of our icelandic sheepskin Hides from our collection can be custom made into bed runners and  larger area rugs. Please email us for further details.

It needs to be celebrated that each Icelandic sheepskin is unique and different, therfore  variation in size, colour, markings and texture will vary as to no Icelandics are ever alike. Fur Shedding is a natural characteristics of sheepskin

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: do not wash or soak, keep chemical agents away from the product. Keep away from moist and wet areas, keep away from direct sunlight to prevent colour fading. Vacuum low setting, shake regulary to re- fluff the fleece, Brush gently with fur brush. Do not iron or apply any heat. Spot clean only with clean water in same direction as wool.



We ship wordwide using express delivery. Please allow 3-10 working days for deliver depending upon region & country of destination. All Orders will be sent with insurance and tracking number provided.

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