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Fur Lumbar Pillows rabbit 30*60cm

Product Code: RAB-025



Furrier Craftsmanship

Dimensions: 30x60cm

Fur: Rex Rabbit

Region: Europe

Grade: 1st Class

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ELuxury Home Gold Collection

Design – one way diagonal pattern

Dimensions: 30x60cm

Breed: Castor Rex Rabbit

Region: Europe

Grade: 1st Class

Our new Bespoke Chevron Collection of castor Rabbit Fur pillows are individually hand made to order with detailed furrier craftsmanship selecting 1st class rabbit fur pelts with the finest of quality and feel. Our castors come with stunning natural markings that are dyed in striking fashion colours creating remarkable gradient tones of colour. Our contemporary one way diagonal design is created with intricate cutting and specialised fur matching making our pillows unparalleled in quality and stylish design. Our castor furs are undoubtedly lustrous, with plush and dense coats with an irresistible velvet like touch, making these castor rex furs a sought after luxurious accent to style any bedroom or living room décor. Rex rabbits originate from France and are considered to to be the finest Rabbit Fur available.

The Chevron lumbar pillow is designed for luxurious comfort and comes as a single sided fur with a complimenting luxurious velvet reverse with invisible zipper closure and feather insert included.

At ELuxury Home we take much care in selecting our castor rex furs which are ethically sourced from natural bye product and purchased directly from European Breeders, that meet the ELuxury Home high expectations of supreme quality and strict animal welfare.

Our breeders continue to handle the rabbits using human interaction (which is rare), providing the upmost care towards them and facilitating them in comfortable farming conditions abiding by the strictest EU Welfare Laws. With this guaranteed and exceptional personal care given to the rabbits, only then may the rabbits be healthy, relaxed and comfortable resulting in the superb quality furs that we choose to use for our Chevron Collection.

It needs to be celebrated that the every castor rex rabbit is unique with their very own individual markings, therefore variation may be found between furs.

As designers and makers of fur, we can customise cushion size and colour to suit your décor needs, please contact us for further details.


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