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Fur Cushion Cashmere – Latte

Product Code: CASH-011


Cashmere fur Pillow

colour: latte

dimensions: 30x50cm (excludes fur)

Made in Australia



Transform your decor into a haven of comfort with this enchanting cashmere fur cushion. Whether your searching for a fur cushion to style a sofa, chair or bed, this beige fur cushion will add poise and elegance to every décor.  Hand crafted from irresistible and genuine cashmere fur, these fur cushions derive from natural cashmere goat by-product. Boasting with superior softness and fluffy textures the cushion comes single sided with a luxe velvet reverse and feather insert to complete the elegance and luxury styling. This beautiful cushion is part of a our cashmere fur luxury collection with matching fur throws and blankets to match.

Cashmere fur is a fine and very light woollen fleece with a pile ranging up to 5cm in length; featuring a combination of straight and tight curl wool. Cashmere comes from the under wool that is hidden under the long hair of the Cashmere goat making the beautiful wool three times warmer than other wools.

It needs to be celebrated that this is a natural product, therefore variation in fur texture, height and density will alter between cashmere skins, This item is fashion dyed and therefore must be kept away from direct sunlight to protect the lustrous colour from fading. Correct care of this beige fur cushion will be an heirloom that will be loved for many years.


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Remove soiling immediately.
Do not wash.
Do not soak.
Do not iron.
Do not tumble dry.
Professional Dry clean Only.
Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent colour fading

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