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Our Philosophy

At Eluxury home we are all about living with the beauty of  natural textures that derive from natural animal skins such as sheepskin, cowhides, leathers and furs but it is vitally important to the eluxury family that all our products follow our philosophy of care.

1. Natural by-product

When we go sourcing for our sheepskins, furs, leathers and cowhides it is vitally important to us that these skins derive from animals that have been bred firstly for the food industry. We use many exotic skins in our collections  from various parts of the world that may seem odd as a food source but due to different cultures, climates and demographics, human diets will vary dramatically and therfore offer provide unusual and beautiful variation in animals skins.

2. Hunted

Various parts of the world such as Canada and Australia, the government allows hunting of a specific species for population control and for the  protection of crops, live stock and human safety. . Living in large cities and urban areas these issues are rarely discussed but in rural and farming regions they suffer dramatically due to the effects of over populted species. In Canada there is an over grown population of coyotees which is resulting in an increase of attacks on farm animals and even children as the cyotees are slowly migrating closer to civilians and suburban regions. In Australia our hunters are provided with a government subsidy to help in the need of population control against Kangaroos and wild foxes.

3. Eco-Friendly

4. Australian Made