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Styling with Merino sheepskins

Styling with Merino sheepskins
By Emily Barbara 2 years ago 657 Views No comments

There are so many different types of sheespkins to choose from and each are all different and unique with their own characterstics and beauty but in this blog I wanted to focus on the Merino Sheespkin. Being Australian, We Aussies love our Merino sheepskin wool, I guess we are world reknown for it, just look at our famous ugg boots and slippers.

Merino Sheepskin naturally has a soft shaggy long coat that is not only luxurious but also breathable, easy care and hypoallergenic. This amazing natural fibre sourced from the finest of Australian and New Zealand Sheepskins are insulators in the Winter but also have cooling properties for the warmer months making them the most versatile and easy care woolen fleece for every day living. Merino Sheepskins are a generous size hide making them a great floor rug in small spaces but lets not overlook that these hides are stunning to throw over a sofa, an ottoman or to drape over a chair or bench to add interest and softness with touches of luxury.

There are so many ways to accesorise a decor using a Merino hide so I thought I would go though a few styling ideas, features and tips that others have done.

Dulux paint has styled one of their interiors using a natural white merino single hide draped over a contemporary brown leather chair. I love the smooth texture of leather but it does have its down points. A no go zone for pets as it scratches, and I do find it to be cold in winter and yet hot and sticky on hot summer days. A Sheepskin draped over leather will eliminate all those factors whilst adding additional natural and complimenting textures, contemporary styling and importantly add extra comfort. This room is a perfect demonstration, showing how easy it is to style and add warmth, character and charm to a simple and casual decor.

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