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4 reasons to style with Sheepskin Cushions

4 reasons to style with Sheepskin Cushions
By Emily Barbara 11 months ago 910 Views No comments


Sheepskin in the interior world is a luxury product, whilst cushions are an essential accent in the home for both styling and comfort. Together, these items produce a winning combination. Here are three reasons why sheepskin cushions are the perfect addition to every home.

1. Impact

At ELuxury Home our sheepskin cushions will certainly deliver style and impact to your space. Our range of beautiful colours and styles communicates a unique statement about you. The love of texture and softness combined with touches of luxury. Who can resist the appealing shades radiating from our navy Mongolian to our beige merino or the white Icelandic sheepskin-covered cushions? Subtle and contemporary colours that punch above their weight!

navy blue mongolian fur sheepskin Euro pillow

2. Comfort

You can enjoy outstanding comfort and warmth delivered by this natural product; once you have bought one sheepskin cushion from our extensive range, you won’t be able to stop! You’ll want to share the joy, and spread the comfort throughout your home, and the homes of your close friends and family. Our sheepskin cushions are the perfect gift!

Merino Sheepskin Cushions

3. Versatility

There’s a sheepskin colour and texture to suit every room, to enhance every space and corner: a fluffy grey Mongolian sheepskin cushion nestled into your favourite armchair, a white Icelandic sheepskin cushion perched at the end of your comfy leather sofa or a pair of grey short hair goat fur cushions proudly adorning your king-size bed. You can move them around; mix and match, and easily change the ambience or style of a room by simply swapping your arrangement of cushions – hey presto, you’ve achieved a new look with ease and speed!

Goat fur Euro cushions


Sheepskin is a classical natural fibre that has serviced the interior world for centuries. The fluffy woollen and fur like textures suits any style of décor from traditional to contemporary to Bohemian to Scandi living. Regardless of your style of decor mixing theses woollen fleeces whether a short hair merino to Mongolian long and curly fur into every day living will bring comfort and character which every home desires.

mongolian fur sheepskin cushion

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