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January 2018

4 reasons to style with Sheepskin Cushions

By Emily Barbara 9 months ago 735 Views No comments

Cushions are an accent piece that dress and complete a room. At Eluxury Home we explain four reasons as to why you should choose to style your décor with sheepskin cushions.

Mankind & Sheepskin

By Emily Barbara 9 months ago 681 Views No comments

Humans and sheepskin have enjoyed a longstanding relationship. From as early as 500 B.C., humans have utilised sheepskin for its naturally insulating properties.

Mary Had a Little Lamb

By Emily Barbara 10 months ago 647 Views No comments

Sheepskin is the perfect way to provide style and comfort in your child’s bedroom. Unlike synthetic alternatives, sheepskin is a desirable and lush natural product. The wool’s hollow fibres enable it to breathe, providing a temperature insulator that keeps your young ones warm in winter, and cool in summer, whilst looking amazing as decorative piece for styling.

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