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Interior floors are an important element in the final finishes of your room but it cannot get any easier than dressing your floors with a real and high quality Brazilian Cowhide Rug as there are seven goods reasons as to why this stylish natural texture should be your next home décor purchase.


The natural beauty of Cow skins is that they will all differ in some way to each other between, colour, pattern, shape and size. Cowhide rugs derive from cow skins without the removal of the cow’s short hair. The colours, patterns and markings that are found in the cow hair is what makes each hide remarkably unique making their skins a truly magnificent piece to style homes.

If we take a closer look at the butter milk cow also known as the black and white cowhide, this is a traditional farming milk cow. These cow rugs will come with extraordinary white and black spots. Each Spot and marking will vary from small spots to large and irregular patterns. You will find the black and white cowhide rug to differ between more white or more black colour tones, making each Cow hide different and special.

white and black cowhide rug

balck and white cowskin rug


Home styling is personal, and each space is different and requires different elements. Having the variation in cowhides rug as pointed in reason #1, at Eluxury Home we allow you to personally select your cowhide rugs. Our rug selections are constantly changing therefore we email you images of the rugs we have in stock to help you search for the perfect colour tones, complimented with the perfect size for your space.

Whatever style of décor that you are trying to achieve there is a cowhide rug for you as they differ from natural markings to coloured cowhides to printed cowhides for the contemporary, the classic and the exotic lover.

One may not ignore the bold simplicity of the natural solid black cowhide as well as the natural solid white. These are classic pieces with contemporary flare as they are a natural solid colour that are not altered or dyed in any way allowing the natural beauty to be enjoyed. It needs to be expected that a natural solid colour cowhides will and may come with an undertone of another colour. For e.g., a solid white cowhide rug may come with creamy under tones, whilst a solid black cowskin may come with a deep brown undertone. These variations express the beauty of styling with natural animal skins to each individuals personal taste and styling needs.

brown cowhide rug


Flooring is a costly finishing in a home’s interior and most of the times it is just too difficult and too expensive to rip out old flooring and replace it with the new. But a great way to revamp old floors such as timber or slate flooring is to style it with a cowhide rug. Cowhides have been used as floor rugs for years and years and have natural and tactile beauty about them that compliments aged flooring. Brown and white cowhide rugs are the best cowhides to direct the eye to focus on the rug itself and not the floors as they have warmth and natural charm in their patterned coats between the contrast of the brown tones and white markings. There are a quite few various brown and white cow skins in OUR Cowhide rug collection that are remarkably unique to each other and yet very stylish.

The Hereford cowhide rug is a brown cow that has a white belly and spine that results in its distinctive white outer edge and centre line adding a slightly refined element whilst the brindle cowhide is known for its more exotic markings.

The tricolour cowhide rug on the other hand is a spotted brown cowhide that has a combination of browns tones mixed with high lights of white with spotted like markings. This multi coloured and spotted cowhide is a great rug as its variation in colours makes it easy to pick up other tones in the floor and room.


Cowhide rugs look extraordinary dyed into solid fashion colours, as they add impact and punch. Our Dyed cow skins have a beautiful sheen and lustre and will look stunning when placed under a furniture, allowing the texture, shape and colour to come through and compliment the other colours in the room whilst still making a bold statement. From vibrant reds to classic black and creams, eluxury home coloured cowhides will add elegance to any style of décor.


I am a personal lover of the exotics skins, as they do have a luxe factor and in an era of the jungle tigers running into extinction, the closest thing to a real tiger skin would be one of our printed tiger and leopard cowhides. Leopard skins roar Luxury and wealth with their golden tones and stunning spotted patterns. But how can one bye-pass our zebra and snow tiger cowhides, with black pattern stencil printed onto a natural white /cream base. These stripe cowhides look stunning in neutral decors that require a little personality and touches of luxe.

At ELuxury Home we are the home of luxury and the perfect pieces for guaranteed luxury is our metallic and acid wash cowhides. These are cowhides that are detailed with metallic finishes from speckles to spots from silver to gold, they add glamour and lavish elegance to any bedroom, walk in robe or living room flooring.


Cowhide rugs have a simplicity about them but at the same time add a stylish statement.They are so versatile and beautiful as they style fire places, house entrances and study’s, look stunning next to beds and are fabulous as a kids bedroom rug. They dress flooring under a dining table, as well as fill up large floor spaces adding charm and character with just one rug. Cowhide skins suit all styles of décor from Manhattan apartment to country lodge, from Scandinavian living to French provincial there is a cowhide for every style, for every space and for every age.


At Eluxury Home. We pride ourselves in personally selecting our cowskins to deliver high quality skins, from natural bye-product with hair coats that have lustre, sheen and density in order to create a defined statement that any space requires.

The tanning method of our cow skins ensures that every hide is durable, soft and less susceptible to moulting and odour. When you buy one of our rugs, you are making an investment!

Cashmere Luxury

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May 29, 2018 2:24:31 PM

Cashmere comes from the humble Cashmere Goat that produces undoubtedly divine and unique woollen fleece, making it a desirable and much loved natural fibre. Originally known as Kashmir, a region within India that borders with China and Pakistan.

A Cashmere goat has a two coated fleece meaning that it has an undercoat also known as downy a fine and soft fleece and then an outer coat which is longer and coarser known as guard hair. A separation process is required to remove the guard hair which covers the undercoat, this process is normally done by hand with a comb placing this soft fibre on the global market as a luxurious fibre at a higher price point than its other fellow sheep and goats.

This finer under coat wool, is remarkably lighter, softer and fluffier than other woollen fleeces but it is also three times more insulating than other wools, as it is the downy undercoat that provides the warmth for the cashmere goat, making Cashmere are perfect winter warmer without the bulk.

cashmere goats

For centuries this natural fibre has been used in yarns for the knitting of jumpers, and woven into the finest of fabrics. At ELuxury Home we love to sustain the natural and beautiful textures of sheepskins which is why I have created a collection using Cashmere Woollen skins. I like to describe cashmere not as hair but rather as fur, as our Cashmeres do not feel like hair nor like wool , but rather they feel like fur that makes me just want to submerge into its supreme softness as it wraps around the body.

My new collection of Cashmere Fur will bring an element of simplicity and charm mixed with luxury as this fibre drapes over beds and sofas. The new lap throw is a perfect decor accessory for the lounge as it has been designed not only to be stylish and decorative but also as a warmer to cover the legs whilst watching TV. With matching cushions available, the new cashmere collection in pink rust, latte and Bordeaux will find its place in any interior space.

Behind the scenes

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From our home to yours, Luxury begins in the hands of its creator.


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Struggling to choose the perfect gift for a wedding, birthday or perhaps a baby shower, At Eluxury Home we have the perfect gifts for every occassion.

4 reasons to style with Sheepskin Cushions

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Mankind & Sheepskin

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Humans and sheepskin have enjoyed a longstanding relationship. From as early as 500 B.C., humans have utilised sheepskin for its naturally insulating properties.

Mary Had a Little Lamb

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Sheepskin is the perfect way to provide style and comfort in your child’s bedroom. Unlike synthetic alternatives, sheepskin is a desirable and lush natural product. The wool’s hollow fibres enable it to breathe, providing a temperature insulator that keeps your young ones warm in winter, and cool in summer, whilst looking amazing as decorative piece for styling.

Styling with Merino sheepskins

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