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col: natural white / ivory

dimensions: 210x200cm / 82 x 78"

Style your decor with a luxurious Merino Sheepskin double runner  hand crafted in Australia from the Finest of  Merino Sheepskins carefully sourced to deliver luxurious home decor accents.


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Regular Price: $1,295.00

Special Price $1,036.00

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Style your interior space with a luxurious and classical thick Merino Sheepskin Rug. Merino sheepskin is a world class natural fibre known for its irresistible and beauitiful dense shaggy coat which is insulating in the winter whilst breathable and cooler in the warmer months. The soft  6cm (2.5 inch) long fur will add beautiful textures and characteristics to a bedroom or living room floor decor. ELuxury carefully sources the finest quality Merino sheepskins pelts from either Australia or New Zealand in order to deliver premium quality skins and wool, lustrous coats  and further more luxurious comfort for the entire family to enjoy.

This stunning extra large design is carefully hand crafted in Australia from eight personally selected individiual merino sheepskins creating a unique scolloped edge which will vary between each rug as every sheepskin is unique in shape, size and texture.  The lush plate is in a natural white making this a classic contemporary suitable for any type and style of interior being Bohemiam, Hampton or Manhattan Contemporary.

The octo panel is a custom make to order which takes approx 1 week for production. Any of the merino sheepskin Hides from our collection can be custom made into  larger area rugs. 

* DIMENSIONS: 210 x 200cm 

* eight pelt / hide rug

* Hand crafted in Australia

* Premium quality merino Sheepskin

* Thick and lustrous coats with aprox 6.5cm fur length

* Natural by product - part of the food industry

* Hypoallergenic product

* easy to clean

* Custom make to order - aprox 1-2 weeks production

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: *shake or vacuum on low setting *Spot Clean only with gentle wool wash or mild detergent * We do not recommend to wash or soak to prevent shrinkage and lose of shape * Do not use chemical agents * Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent fading * Do not tumble dry, do not iron. Storage in damp or wet conditions such as bathrooms may damage the leather of the sheepskin.



Aprox 2-7 days production time as item Custom made to order. We ship world wide with express Australia Post service.

*vacuum often *brush wool with wired dog brush *Spot Clean only with clean water or gentle wool wash * Do not Wash or soak to prevent shrinkage / damage to leather * Do not use chemical agents * Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent fading * Dry cleanable *Do not iron * Do not tumble dry * keep away from moist and damp areas to prevent leather damage * Do not apply heat * do not submerge into water

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