Inspired by Nature...Designed for Luxurious Living

ELuxury Home, takes a modern expression of natural beauty creating bespoke design and accent home décor pieces inspired by natures luxuious textures, with Artisan craftsmanship using only high quality grade sheepskins, animal furs and skins that are carefully and ethically sourced from all around the world, making us unique in its class. 

At ELuxury Home, we work  closely with project managers, interior designers and home owners offering our creative design service for customised and tailor made to size orders. We are passioanate about what we do and have an extensive in house range as well as  resources to luxurious and exotic animal skins and furs (Zebra, Reindeer, Mongolian, Icelandic, Cashmere, goat fur and rabbit fur to name a few). With our  love and expertise in the Art of sheepskin and Furs, ELuxury Home can make any room come to life.  From thick and lush Icelandic sheepskin Rugs to Fluffy and comfy Tibetan Fur bean bags or to elegant European Rabbit Pillows and blankets, ELuxury Home works with customers on a global scale from small to large projects, from residential to commercial.

Wishing you all touches of Luxury

mongolian fur rug and pillows

luxury gift boxed

Golden Tan icelandic Sheepskin Floor Rug

  ELuxury Home Designer Collection

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