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Mongolian fur Rug Collection
Designer & Bespoke Floor Rugs, hand crafted by ELuxury Home with detailed craftsmanship from luxurious sheepskins ethically sourced from all around the world.
Sheepskin & Fur Throws
Opulent and desirable natural textures carefully sourced to deliver luxury to interior styling.
Fur Blankets & Bed Covers
Redefining Luxury and Bedroom Styling
Bean Bags & pouffes

Bean Bags and Pouffes

Bean Bags and Pouffes are basically relaxing cushioned seats that allows you to relax with style. These are made of a variety of materials. Some of them are made of cheap plastic or parachute material while some of them are made of pure luxurious sheepskin that gives a classy look to your home. At ELuxury home, we provide only the best that suits your style. That is why we bring you the latest and modern expression of Sheepskin Bean bags and Pouffes.

Stay in comfort with our selection of lavish bean bags and pouffes. Providing the ultimate style with relaxation, our luxury collection includes the variety of bean bags made of Icelandic and Mongolian Sheepskin. The ultimate place to easily read a book or browse on your gadgets. All of our Pouffes and the bean bags are made of pure Sheepskin that are completely soft and cozy. They are carefully cut by hand and precisely stitched. All of our Products are completely genuine and made of natural material.

Get Best Bean Bags and Pouffes

If you ever relax in one of our bean bags and pouffes, you can really feel how soft and fluffy life can be. Enjoy the fluffiness of our products covered with the most beautiful natural materials in the world. Decorate your home with style and luxury by choosing the best home décor pieces with natural textures from ELuxury Home. Shop our wide range of beautiful bean bags and a variety of pouffes to find your perfect color and size to elevate your interior.

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